Direct flights from Switzerland to Samos Island!

ΣΑΜΟΣ: Switzerland will be connected with direct flights of ‘Edelweiss Air’ to Samos island for the tourist period of 2018 (Click here to read more). ‘Edelweisss air’ will execute 24 direct flights from Zürich Airport to “Aristarchos of Samos” airport with Airbus A320-200 aircrafts every Tuesday from May 15 until October 23.The duration of flights will be 2 hours 50 minutes.You may book tickets by visiting the Edelweiss Air website.You may also travel from Zurich or Geneva to Samos Island all year long with Aegean Airlines, with one stop at Athens International Airport.LinkwiseCreative.subid(1, “BASIC”); LinkwiseCreative.rotator(14241, 28156, “_blank”, “0”);


Χειμερινοί… κολυμβητές

ΧΙΟΣ : ΣτιγμιότυπαΣτιγμιότυπαΧία ΝαυτιλίαΧία ΝαυτιλίαΌμορφη και παράξενη πατρίδαΌμορφη και παράξενη πατρίδαΑθλητικάΑθλητικάΟι Περιπέτειες του ΟυρανίσκουΟι Περιπέτειες του … [Read More...]